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Stryker might buy rival hip manufacturer, despite both facing lawsuits

August 7th, 2014

Stryker Corporation is rumored to be buying rival hip company Smith & Nephew, despite both companies facing hip replacement lawsuits for their products. The acquisition would allow Stryker to relocate to the United Kingdom; Stryker hip replacement lawsuits have been filed throughout several states in the U.S.

Stryker issued a hip replacement recall for its Rejuvenate and ABG II hip replacements in July 2012 after studies showed the devices were failing at a higher rate than expected, leading many patients to suffer from severe complications. Smith & Nephew issued a recall in 2012 for its R3 Acetabular hip replacement, citing similar hip implant side effects.

Stryker is facing more than 500 ABG II and Rejuvenate lawsuits alleging that the devices led to fretting, corrosion, limited mobility, pain, tissue damage and toxic levels of metal in the bloodstream. More patients are expected to file against Stryker, alleging the company released a defective and dangerous device.

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